This year 2011. It's my first time to go to Korea. I am very happy, because I can meet my friends - Jung & Bora, these 2 girls I knew when I was in LA (2006). Even after accident, I forgot lot of things, but I still remember Cathy and them ^^ Because we are good friends, right ? ^^

This time my university classmates - Nicole & Jason went this trip with me together. Nicole is my good sister, and Jason is no choice, because we need a man to help us to carry our stuff (haha~~of course! should be shopping stuff :p) And we plan this trip, actually not so detail, haha. Just plan to go, and I booked the air-ticket and hotel throght travel agency :p Just spent more time for choose hotel. But it's okay, not so trouble us, and decide very soon, haha ^^


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